Enhanced Athletes And Their Mind-Blowing Sarms Products

When you mention cutting edge supplements, the majority would probably think of Enhanced athletes. Enhanced Athletes is a company that is known to produce top quality body supplements for bodybuilders and muscle boosters alike. It’s believed that the first Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) was introduced in the market by the Enhanced Athletes.

Therefore, the company stands tall in supplement manufacturing. It’s also worth mentioning that their products are proven to be safe for human use. When used as advised, they make your body sore like never before. In other words, the resultant effect is super amazing. For this reason, we have highlighted some of the top products that the company produces. Also, we have provided a detailed analysis of each product, its usage, properties, and possible side effects, should there be any.

Enhanced Athletes

Product Supplements from Enhanced Athletes

Rage Pre-Workout Supplement

One of the top-selling and high-quality supplements that Enhanced Athlete Company sells is the Rage Pre-Workout supplement. Being a high stimulant product, this supplement is fantastic when it comes to enhancing your workouts. Just with a single scoop of the supplement, you’ll find your energy, focus, and muscle pumps boosted to the next level. It’s also important to mention that this product comes with up to 18 different ingredients. This makes it an efficient game-changer in the body supplement world. Some individuals don’t prefer high stimulant pre-workouts. For such people, the company always gets you covered. You’ll use the alternative Rage Stim-Free, which despite being useful, doesn’t bring the stimulant effect.

Black Ox

For those looking for a potent testosterone booster, it’s high time you neglect your search. Enhanced Athletes provides you with Black Ox, which is useful for boosting testosterone. Black Ox uses 11 proven scientific ingredients that naturally regulated estrogen to eliminate metabolites that cause help concerns such as water retention capabilities and gynecomastia.

Usually, athletes are always advised to use black ox as it naturally optimizes their hormone levels hence getting the most out of their training. Also, the Black Ox supplement has been known to improve the athlete’s confidence as well as mood. The presence of ingredients such as ashwagandha helps in lowering cortisol as well as stress hormone levels. With all these goodies, there is an absolute assurance that once you use this product, you’ll be blown away. In any case, you aren’t amazed or happy with the product; you can always get a 100% refund.

Enhanced Athletes effects

ECA Shred

ECA Shred is another new product in the market that will make lose body fats as fast as possible. The name ECA Stack is derived from the names of critical ingredients, i.e., Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. The stacking of these ingredients creates a strong synergetic effect. Which is useful in fat loss. Currently, it’s regarded as the most potent fat-burning supplement in the market.

The Ephedrine ingredient is usually responsible for boosting body metabolism as well as suppressing an individual’s appetite. When your metabolism is increased, the rate at which your body burns calories also increases. One advantage that comes along this is reduced hunger cravings. Therefore you will always stick to your diet plan.

The caffeine content is also an excellent fat burner. By far, this stimulant aids in enhancing an individual’s performance and energy levels. With better performance, you will always be able to burn fats/ calories much faster.

Last but not least is the aspirin. Usually, the use of ephedrine may come with some side effects, including pain. Therefore, the primary purpose of aspirin in this stack is to neutralize the effects of ephedrine.

As a word of caution, you shouldn’t take the ECA shred alongside other stimulants. Always adhere to the dosage, lest you experience severe side effects.

Arachidonic Acid benefits

Arachidonic Acid Supplement

The Arachidonic Acid by the Enhanced Athlete Company is arguably one of the most potent natural muscle building supplements. Usually, the acid contains polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid with an organic chain of about 20 carbon atoms. Over the recent past, Arachnodic acid has gain popularity due to its inflammation properties. Its commonly used in the bodybuilding industry to enhance strength as well as to speed up muscle gain. According to our reviews, we noticed that the majority of bodybuilders experienced faster and efficient muscle pumps, growth, and recovery when they used the arachidonic acid. Besides, it improved their mental focus on their muscle mind connection.

More importantly, arachidonic acid is safe for use. While there might be some mild side effects, the majority of users record no results. Also, whenever the side effects manifest, there is always a sure way to manage them. However, it’s still useful if you take the right dosage to avoid too much concentration of omega 6 in the body.


Enhanced Athlete Phytodrol is one of the most effective body supplements. It contains powerful ingredients such as laxogenin, which is a natural plant-based compound. The laxogenin helps in increasing the anabolic levels without necessarily affecting the body hormone levels.

After every workout, every bodybuilder requires an effective muscle recovery plan. This helps in the muscles regain healthy and good health, ready for the next workout sessions. Therefore, the phytodrol being a natural plant-based supplement, helps in increasing the protein synthesis and nitrogen compounds, which aid in muscle preparation.

Phytodrol effects

Moreover, the phytodrol supplement has been scientifically proven to be useful when it comes to muscle growth acceleration. Its crucial ingredient, laxogenin, mainly achieves this. With the laxogenin as a component, the supplements enable the body to take more protein during the fay leading to accelerated muscle growth. This helps you reach your fitness goals much faster.

Last but not least, the laxogenin ingredient is also useful in controlling the stress levels in the body. Therefore, these supplements ensure your workout is as effective as planned by lowering any stress levels that would otherwise affect your psychological wellbeing.

Anabolic I.V

Generally, anabolic I.V contains nearly everything you need for your muscle growth and fitness. It contains endogenous male sex hormone, testosterone as well as dihydropteroate, not to mention other 21 different high-quality ingredients. They are entirely safe and legal in the United States and most European countries.

This supplement provides you with ultimate post-workout recuperation. In other words, once you’ve stimulated your muscles at the gym, the supplement also does its work by allowing them to recover and regain the much necessary strength. With the anabolic supplement, you’ll always train harder, stronger, and longer. T also offsets any muscle and systemic fatigue that can crush your muscles gains. Some of the key ingredients include those of BCAAs and EAAs, which are all amino acids. These amino acids are very crucial for muscle recovery and growth.

Anabolic I.V benefits

Also, this supplement contains plenty of electrolytes that help in maintaining body hydration during your intense workouts. For this reason, the Anabolic IV should always be used by every severe athlete who would desire excellent results. The supplement offers a perfect fuel for your muscles All day long.

Generally, these supplements are far much effective as compared to others in the market. They have been tested and proven safe for human use. Therefore, if you are looking for any supplement for your workout, you can always visit Enhanced Athlete through their website. You’ll get amazed by their many products that are produced to make your goals a reality. Also, the company contains friendly and qualified staff who offer excellent services.