Myostine (YK 11) – Works On Your Lean Muscles To Boost Their Mass

YK 11, also known as Myostine, is one of the most potent SARMs that you will get in the market. Most people who are looking for some endurance boost want to take advantage of this supplement to work on heavy-duty.

Many endurance boost supplements come along with other health benefits. The market is already full of such supplements. Every user, however, tends to talk about what they love using against what they have not used. This can be so much misleading.

There is a need to understand what you are using as well as what other people are using so that you make an informed decision on whether to use it or not. This is why we bring you an unbiased review of one of the most popular supplements, the YK 11.

What is YK 11?

This supplement got into the market in 2011 after successful research, which proved that it is a partial agonist androgen receptor. It, however, features some gene-selective properties. For this reason, it works on the androgen receptors to produce more hormones, which can enhance muscle building. You will hear most people who go for vigorous workouts for muscle building have also shown some tendency to depend on this supplement to have their results come faster.

What does YK 11 do to your body?

It is wisdom to find out what precisely a supplement will do to you. You should not just use something because any other person is using it. YK11 works on your lean muscles to boost their mass. As much as it is believed that it is effective in building lean muscles, it is possible that if you use this supplement for quite a long time, it might lead to continuous gain without stalling.

Unlike other SARMs, you can use this option for a relatively stretch period without a break for a cycle until you gain the weight you are looking for. However, to maintain the weight, you got a responsibility to do some intensive yoga to maintain the weight you have gained and as well to burn any fat that might come along the way.

Additionally, YK11 has a way of stopping any abnormal growth like obesity. Usually, in your bone, there is a protein called myostatin, whose significant responsibility is to limit muscle growth so that you do not grow to be too big for your age.

This tells you that there is a maximum weight that genetically one should get to. Have you ever wondered why some people are too big, the ones we call giants? Have you realized that most of them are bodybuilders? Now we got you the secrete of the body size.

This supplement gets attached to the androgen receptor to limit the production of myostatin. In return, the user can grow to a muscle mass, which is far much above what genetically he or she should be gaining.

Why should you use YK11?

Up to now, we all know that we are responsible for deciding on the supplements we want to take into our bodies. Before using this compound, you must get to know what you should be expecting lest you get crushed out of the results.

Some Of The Proven Benefits

Have a look at some of the proven benefits:

It allows for a continual gain of lean body mass

As explained on how this supplement works, you already know that it can assist you in gaining lean muscle weight. If you want to get a weight that is practically above what your genetics can allow, this is what you should be using.

This makes this supplement better than other supplements when it comes to body mass. The other supplements will only take you to what you can become genetically. Before using this supplement, be sure of the results you want to achieve. It is most recommended for men. Women are advised not to try this. You can stop using it once you get to the muscle mass that you need.

It enhances endurance

YK11 has been approved to boost your stamina. If you are doing some heavy tasks and at times you get discouraged simply because you don’t know the way to go about it, this supplement tends to have a solution for you. If you use it, you will have the endurance to finish your task within a limited time without feeling discouraged. This explains why most people majorly use it for their workouts.

It gives fast results

There is one piece of advice that will always come your way when you want to gain muscle weight. You will ever be told that weight gain is not an overnight thing. This is true. However, there is this option, which helps you get there faster.

This is non-other than YK11. Within one week, you will already start seeing the difference. At the end of your eight weeks, you will be amazed at the results. Once you get to the level you want, you can stop using it. The good news is that it not only boost your speed of gaining weight but also helps you in maintaining it even when you are already done with the use of the supplement.

Recommendable dose

As we recommend the dose you ought to take, kindly note that this supplement is a no go zone for women. The treatment we are supporting, in this case, is not for women. It is very strong for women.

For men, however, you should take 2 to 5 grams twice per day. This translates to 5 to 10 grams per day. You should always ensure that you should start on a lower dose and add to it if only you are not getting the required results.

Do not just add for the sake of adding. As much as you can use this supplement for months without a cycle break without any effect, you should create your breaks alongside the journey so that you can monitor all that the supplement is causing in your body.

I am sure that even as you are going for the given dose, you are very keen on what you want to realize at the end. If you don’t watch out, you might end up getting to the final results.

Even as you take your dosage, it is still necessary that you get some exercise that can sustain the muscles that you are gaining. You don’t want to suffer obesity, and so you must have a way of cutting the fats. This can only be witnessed with heavy yoga. Do not take this supplement in a relaxed mode. Always try to be active.

Side effects

As strong as this supplement is, it can also lead to strong side effects, which are, however, not mandatory. The first side effect that is so much fear is the loss of hair. Prolonged use in high dosage might cause some hair loss. If you realize anything related to this, you should stop using it unless you are comfortable to operate without hair.

Another possible side effect is liver damage but which is reversible. You might have to do along with this side effect until you finish your cycle when it automatically gets back to normal. However, if you get to your period but still end up having this problem, you should seek medical attention.

The side effects are, however, within your control. You can contribute to getting the side effects or not. The bottom line is that you should always ensure that you take the right dose, which should be accompanied by the right diet and exercise. Do not take your dose and relax somewhere, waiting to gain weight. You have a role to play. If you realize that it is too strong for you even at a lower dose, you should get back to choose another alternative supplement. Do not force your body with what it cannot manage. Women take care and just avoid this supplement. There are several options that you can get in the market.

Final thought

Every man who has gone through this review can now decide to go for it or to avoid it. Kindly note that this is a very potent supplement that should be taken with a lot of care. Do not just use it because any other person is using it. Look at what can work for you and go for it. If anything, there are many supplements that the market can supply to you. If you choose to stick to this, you should go ahead to get the right product in terms of quality. Online venders will give you what you are looking for, but which is somehow expensive. Now you know about this given product, and as you make your decision, you are a step more knowledgeable. We wish you well even as you decide on whether to use it or not.